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Using Cosmos to deliver powerful tools for exploring data

We build powerful, flexible and engaging online dashboards and analysis tools to help agencies and end clients unlock the potential of their survey data. Our Cosmos platform can transform the way your customers explore their survey data by switching to fully interactive online reporting.

The Kicktag team can guide you every step of the way in the design and build process, including integration of your survey data, external data sources and existing offline reports – bringing project resources together in a truly collaborative framework.

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How we can help you…

Kicktag partners with a wide range of client organisations, deploying Cosmos either on behalf of a Market Research partner or by working directly with you, the Product Owner. Depending on the size and sector of your organisation we have different partnership models that can work for you.

Small/Medium Market Research

Many of our clients have noticed the recent increase in the number of research briefs that contain requests for “portals” or “dashboards”. In many vendor selection processes, the online reporting capability level can be a critical factor. Client requirements may be quite open-ended, leaving the agency to come up with suggestions. On top of this, navigating the procurement, compliance and information security processes can seem daunting - especially when doing this for the first time.

Kicktag are specialists in demystifying the dashboard requests in medium-sized RFP’s, and providing you a simple “drop-in” proposal section using visuals and work-flows from the Cosmos platform. There is no commitment in this model, we simply provide proposals ad-hoc when you need input - supporting you in winning new work by making an impact in proposals and client pitches. To get started all we need is a 2-hour workshop to demo our capabilities and short follow-up sessions with your teams to see how we can best plug-in to your existing bid process. This model of course is not only based on winning new work, but also on reviewing existing contracts and proactively suggesting online reporting as an optional upgrade to enhance client retention potential.

Large/International Market Research

For larger research agencies with in-house Data Processing teams and frequent requests for online reporting, Kicktag can act as a trusted partner in developing a productised solution to meet multiple client needs. For any agency considering whether to build or buy their dashboard solution, we offer a low cost, fast setup solution that can both meet immediate needs and grow to become an enterprise white-label product representing the client-facing deliverable in major projects.

We have a track record of supporting large, distributed research teams in defining and building re-usable portal components and templates – by understanding stakeholder requirements and producing delivery plans with the right mixture of core / configure / customise.

In this model, rather than initially working direct with the end client on a bespoke solution, we work with your research departments to identify core functionality, mapping this against the Cosmos capabilities already in place. We then offer pricing not based around per-head licences or heavy fixed annual licence fees, but based around your true ROI which we believe lies in proving genuine take-up and embedding of your reporting platform.

Direct Dashboard Users and Resellers

We don’t always deliver our reporting tools via a Market Research partner, and our Fabric data format has much wider potential than just survey data. For any business looking to extract insight value from their datasets, regardless of the source or subject matter – we offer simple data integration and self-serve data visualisation, or a bespoke application based on our Cosmos technology.

This model is very dependent on our direct relationship with you, and we typically provide an on-site architect to facilitate stakeholder dialogue to gather requirements before creating a custom estimate to meet your plans – whether this may be a one-off short-term project, or a repeatable deployment that you offer internally or to clients. Using the underlying Cosmos platform, you can immediately get the benefits of deploying your solution with security and accessibility already built-in.

In the past we have delivered a wide range of direct projects, ranging from dashboards for re-sale by our client in a licence-based access model, to benchmarking tools, to customer segmentation, to big-screen reporting for call centres.

Cosmos Studio

Studio is an online control panel which allows power users to self-serve in the creation and management of content in their reporting platform. Think of it as a DVMS (Data Visualisation Management System) – keeping you in control of what your end-users can do with the data loaded in to the portal database. Power users can easily add and manage different types of pages including: Dashboards; HTML content; Analytics; Documents.

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Cosmos Experience

Cosmos allows more advanced users in-depth access to data exploration within their dataset in a full end-to-end self-serve SaaS model. Priced per-user, Cosmos allows each user to upload their data files, create new projects and slice and dice their data using a number of different visualisation styles. Once your dashboard is complete, share with your end-users with a click of a button. Can be deployed stand-alone or within any Cosmos portal.

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Cosmos Fabric

Fabric is Kicktag’s own data model for handling survey and external data from multiple sources in a flexible and robust, integrated environment. A simple vertical column-structure allows for deep integration and combined reporting options to unlock the full potential of your multi-source data assets. Our data architects can advise on the best way to connect, import and cleanse your source data to ensure high quality results.

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Our Team

Our experienced team work with you and your clients to understand the business need, explore solutions and advise on the content and structure of your reporting system.

Pete Ansell


Pete originally comes from a scientific academic background and founded Kicktag in 2011. His goal has always been to create and promote intuitive visualisation tools to show clients the path to evidence-based decision making. Follow @PeteAnsell on twitter to stay up to date with the latest news in #MRX, #DataViz and #Maps

Jack Putt

Software Development Manager

Jack joined Kicktag in 2017 after completing his bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Jack's passion for programming led him to join the Kicktag team and now he has over 3 years experience in managing and working on a variety of projects.

Emma Noakes

Financial Director

Emma co-founded Kicktag and has a broad remit for expanding the business including finance, operations and facilities.

Darren Wallond

Project Manager

With over 25 years experience of data management, overlaid with project management and operational leadership, Darren is ideally suited to support clients in implementing Kicktag solutions and act as an interface with the development specialists to turn client needs into achievable specifications.

Dev Ops

Software Development

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.

Kicktag Labs

Research & Development

Labs is where bright ideas and original concepts are converted into new modules in the Cosmos roadmap. Data integration and new visualisation techniques are always high on the list, along with current hot topics of Machine Learning, AI and Data Protection Regulation.

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