EDM Council goes digital with Kicktag!

EDM Council goes digital with Kicktag!

Kicktag strives to continually push the boundaries in data visualisation and reporting, with the sole aim of providing a platform that is easy to use and presents information that can be lead to informed decisions.

We are proud to announce that Kicktag has partnered with the EDM Council to release a ‘DCAM tailored’ Cosmos, our reporting platform, for Version 2 of DCAM. Development has taken place with Cosmos so that a DAP (DCAM Authorised Partner) can be equipped with all the tools needed to manage, perform and report a DCAM survey.

Kicktag are excited for DAP’s to get using Cosmos as we feel it will be a well received method for reporting the DCAM results back to Data Management, Governance and Quality professionals. We are always looking ahead and have started development to allow for a side by side comparison to other regulations/business models such as GDPR, CCPA and BCBS 239.

More information regarding Cosmos can be found here. If you would like a demo of the platform then please email us at enquiries@kicktag.co.uk.

Jack Putt

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