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The new partnership between Kicktag and the EDM Council has allowed for the development of a DCAM tailored Cosmos experience. We have added more toolboxes into our existing Cosmos platform so that DCAM Authorised Partners (DAP’s) are fully equipped with everything they need to manage, perform and report a DCAM V2 survey.

The Cosmos platform is split into three sections:

  • Cosmos Studio
  • Cosmos Survey
  • Cosmos Dashboard

Studio allows for DAP’s to manage all of their DCAM surveys in one place. Once a sample has been uploaded, you are able to track assessment progress and audit submitted surveys. The Studio environment incorporates an emailing interface which sends out the secure links to each respondent so that they can access the next section of the platform, the data entry tool.

Survey, is the data capture aspect to Cosmos. This can be configured so that a respondent can complete either the Sub-Capability or Capability set of questions.

Once all respondents have completed the survey and the results have been validated – the Cosmos Dashboard can be released to a wider audience to display the important, DCAM score. The Dashboard allows users to filter/cut data by any required metric whether that is by department, age, geographic location etc.

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