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Governed Data Discovery

To achieve maximum value from your data assets, you may want to allow many users from wide-ranging job functions, to be able to freely explore the dataset to identify the insights of interests to them. But at the same time, these stakeholders may not be data experts and may draw inaccurate conclusions from the data. Kicktag have seen from many years of experience, that Governed Data Discovery reporting can offer the ideal balance, by providing users access to their specific data subset and allow them to apply interlocking filters in many permutations – while the core dataview designs are still centrally controlled. This central control ensures the key narrative or story within the data is presented clearly in levels of increasing detail, and leaves the Product Owner safe in the knowledge that all data is robust, base sizes are adequate and poorly-formed analyses cannot be run on the data. In this example, many millions of permutations of analysis filters are possible but the selected KPI’s, page layouts, visuals and comparators are all pre-defined. To discuss the benefits of pre-defined vs freeform analysis, get in touch.