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What We Do

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Reporting Dashboards

Cosmos is the heart of Kicktag, it is an in-house developed product that powers all of our dashboards.  In its simplest form, it ingests a dataset, usually in Excel or SPSS format, and with the help of our setup and support team, can provide a governed data discovery approach to accessing your data.  It has a number of built in analysis tools to aid the more advanced user in gaining a deeper insight to the data, along with the ability to implement hierarchical role based permissions that can tailor users views of data. 

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Integrated Assessment Framework

Our Cosmos platform can be extended to include additional tools that provide a full integrated assessment framework.  With these tools, you will be able to conduct a survey from start to finish, including configuring the survey, uploading sample, releasing access for data entry and finally, reporting the results. We have partnered with the EDM Council to offer a tailored package so that DCAM Authorised Partners are able to perform a seamless DCAM survey

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The Cosmos platform offers an intuitive design to cater for users of all different background, whether you are an analyst, wanting to delve deep into the data, or in upper management wanting a quick snapshot – Cosmos is easy to use and easy to extract data from.

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Data does’t have to be a table or bar chart! Cosmos has a variety of customisable visualisations to showcase data in engaging ways.  The aim with any visualisation is to provide the clearest view of a dataset, allowing for a swift visual indication on trends/correlations.

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Cosmos is able to take any dataset and produce visualisations, however, our experience in Market Research has allowed for Cosmos to contain the necessary analysis tools to showcase the data.

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Our Cosmos platform can transform the way your customers interact with and explore survey data by switching to online reporting. At the core of Cosmos system is the ability to construct dashboards using self-server or our in-house setup and support service.  There are a variety of bolt-on packs that can be added, Verbatim Explorer, Audience Explorer, Scorecards, Closed Loop, to name a few.

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[edgtf_item_showcase image_top_offset=”-92px” item_image=”5815″][edgtf_item_showcase_list_item icon_pack=”linear_icons” linear_icons=”lnr-pie-chart” item_position=”left” item_title=”Visualisations” item_text=”Cosmos comes with a wide variety of interesting visualisations to help with showcasing the data and making it visually gripping.” icon_color=”#888888″][/edgtf_item_showcase_list_item][edgtf_item_showcase_list_item icon_pack=”linear_icons” linear_icons=”lnr-cart” item_position=”left” item_title=”Deckbuilder” item_text=”Deckbuilder is a tool within Cosmos to allow for a custom deck to be generated and then exported to either editable PowerPoint or Excel. You are able to ‘shop’ around a portal, choosing charts to add to your basket to export.” icon_color=”#888888″][/edgtf_item_showcase_list_item][edgtf_item_showcase_list_item icon_pack=”linear_icons” linear_icons=”lnr-screen” item_position=”left” item_title=”My Dashboard” item_text=”My Dashboard is a controlled self-serve tool that allows users to generate their own dashboard of charts, allowing them to perform their own analysis.” icon_color=”#888888″][/edgtf_item_showcase_list_item][edgtf_item_showcase_list_item icon_pack=”linear_icons” linear_icons=”lnr-bullhorn” item_position=”right” item_title=”Verbatim Explorer” item_text=”The Verbatim Explorer offers a simple way to delve into the open ended questions and provides some top level analysis to aid with the interpretation of what has been captured.” icon_color=”#888888″][/edgtf_item_showcase_list_item][edgtf_item_showcase_list_item icon_pack=”linear_icons” linear_icons=”lnr-magnifier” item_position=”right” item_title=”Data Explorer” item_text=”Data Explorer is Comsos’s tabulation tool, it has the ability to cut variables by crossbreaks and filters.” icon_color=”#888888″][/edgtf_item_showcase_list_item][edgtf_item_showcase_list_item icon_pack=”linear_icons” linear_icons=”lnr-book” item_position=”right” item_title=”Document Library” item_text=”Each Cosmos platform comes with a document library so that you can distribute useful documents between the user base.” icon_color=”#888888″][/edgtf_item_showcase_list_item][/edgtf_item_showcase]