Who We Are

We provide data visualisation solutions to organisations looking to unlock insights or streamline their online reporting processes. Our inhouse-developed platform, Cosmos, enables us to develop and deploy secure online portals and dashboards faster, cheaper and with more flexibility than “off-the-shelf” business intelligence tools.

01Ease of Access

Cosmos dashboards are mobile-accessible so you can connect to your data on the move. For even greater convenience we can also push results to your inbox as instant email alerts or as attachments in canned PDF templates.



Cosmos allows authorised users to define the rules of data access to create a Governed Data-Discovery environment for their stakeholders. To do this, power-users can configure dashboards using self-serve control panels and update their reports in real-time. Other self-serve modules include the user control panel, content management and help support.


03Data Integration

Cosmos utilises Kicktag’s own “Fabric“ data model to provide deep integration for all types of data gathered via API’s or secure FTP. By combining multiple data sources in the Fabric database, users can query across files and produce combined data views. Fabric helps our clients normalise and standardise data across projects, providing a firm foundation for productising their customer offering.

Our Team

The Kicktag team has over 40 years experience in delivering online reporting of survey results via secure portals, and our partner base includes some of the world’s largest Market Research agencies. Based in the UK, we work closely with end clients through stakeholder sessions and requirements elicitation processes.

Pete Ansell


Pete originally comes from a scientific academic background and founded Kicktag in 2011. His goal has always been to create and promote intuitive visualisation tools to show clients the path to evidence-based decision making. Follow @PeteAnsell on twitter to stay up to date with the latest news in #MRX, #DataViz and #Maps

Jack Putt

Software Development Manager

Jack joined Kicktag in 2017 after completing his bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Jack's passion for programming led him to join the Kicktag team and now he has over 3 years experience in managing and working on a variety of projects.

Emma Noakes

Financial Director

Emma co-founded Kicktag and has a broad remit for expanding the business including finance, operations and facilities.

Darren Wallond

Project Manager

With over 25 years experience of data management, overlaid with project management and operational leadership, Darren is ideally suited to support clients in implementing Kicktag solutions and act as an interface with the development specialists to turn client needs into achievable specifications.

Dev Ops

Software Development

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.

Kicktag Labs

Research & Development

Labs is where bright ideas and original concepts are converted into new modules in the Cosmos roadmap. Data integration and new visualisation techniques are always high on the list, along with current hot topics of Machine Learning, AI and Data Protection Regulation.

Our Skills

The knowledge base of our team is broad, we have strong expertise in market research, handling and processing data, and all things technical.  We pride ourselves in being able to offer our skills throughout each stage of the project, and always love a challenge.

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